RG Nathalie
AIWAYS Technology

Combination of intelligent and minimalist style
with practical and functional aesthetics

Concise yet Powerful, Light yet Elegant

ALL-LED Headlights
High lumen crystal headlights
exuding intelligent light
Sharp and Smooth Side Beltline
Outlining the broad frame of the vehicle
and highlights the lateral curvature
Continuous Light Strip
Interlaced construction of rear windshield and
shoulder line sublimates the technological
value visually
Hidden Door Handle
Thoughtful Technological Experience
Personalized Wheel Design
Dynamic design, power personified
Dual-Channel Spoiler
Further reducing drag for a longer range

Mobile Smart Home

Environmentally tested high-end odor-free materials
for a comfortable and relaxing car interior

Unparalleled Interior Space

Extra spacious interior space creating comfort and warmth

One-Piece Sports Seats
One-piece sports seats with
360-degree comfortable support
supple to the touch and pleasing to the eye
Rear AC Vent
Elegant and Uniquely designed
Quick temperature adjustment and gentle air flow
Ambient Lighting
Customizable color lighting
Creating unique excitement and memory for each journey
3 Driving Modes and
Energy Recovery
Combination choices to deliver
a smooth and pleasant driving experience
Floating Center Console
Ingenious design for more enjoyable operation
Liberating more flexible storage room
Spacious and Comfortable
Rear Space
Extra-large space that allows more freedom of movement

Immersive AI Smart Cabin

Creating immersive experience and a new way to interact with your car

Advanced IDAS

Thinks what you think and soothes your driving anxieties

Automatic Queuing during
Traffic Jams
Free your feet with automatic following function in traffic jams
Automated Highway Driving Assistance
Reducing human errors caused by fatigue
All-Situation Autonomous Parking
Enjoy the convenience of having the car handle the hassle of parking

OTA Upgrades

Automatic system upgrades, making sure your car is always at its best.

   · SOTA updates   · FOTA updates    · DOTA remote diagnosis

Fully-charged master battery pack with a range of more than
460 kilometers under comprehensive conditions

The world's first AI battery pack that increases range by more than 100 kilometers
Combined electric-only range of over 560 kilometers

High Energy Density
Battery pack energy density of over 170 Wh/kg,
body lightweight level of 2.3
Minimum Mileage Anxiety
Fully-charged master battery pack
with a range of more than 460 kilometers
under comprehensive conditions
The World's First AI Battery Pack
Increases range by more than 100 kilometers

Worry-Free Quality

C-NCAP five-star standard design

Intelligent Battery Management System
Prompts users to optimize driving habits
and extend battery life based on big data analysis
Industrial Grade IP67 Waterproof Rating
Successfully passed unprotected soaking experiment
of being soaked 1 meter under water for 24 hours
Comprehensive, Professional and Rigorous Testing
Delivering hardware with quality that is
3-4 times higher than the industry standard
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